Our story

We are ERGO. We are an urban art collective; a group of imps and scallywags for the Insta-Generation. We are the Artful Dodgers for the Trump Decade. We are Pucks for the digital 21st century. We are disrupters for the age of neo-conformity. We come from London, Sweden and Poland. Each of us has special skills that we bring to the table. First we have a dude called Sobieski, underground cartoonist from Poland. Then there is Jimmy Ergo (James to his Mum) who is of no fixed abode. Then, Troy Boy (TB), a boy from the streets, is keeping it real in the hood. All of these naughty boys prefer remain out of the spotlight. (TB: We has had our identity stolen and got no faces left to show, init). The fifth, silent, Beatle of ERGO, in London, is a dude named Londonistan. He can get things done and make sense of all the stuff we do. 

Like any major collaborative process, other people are also involved. Associate members of ERGO – aka the Ergo Entrourage – help out with provision of their skills, equipment, printing, relaxants or stimulants, groupies, warnings of police proxmity etc. We’re all just trying to have a good time, while trying to make people think differently to the cheese-brained status quo. On the way, we’re also tryin’ to make the world a better place – if that’s at all possible!


At ERGO we place no limits on what is art or from where it comes. We boys use found objects just as Marcel Duchamp did, way back in the pre-history of modern art. Only, for ERGO, found means, really EVERYTHING ‘found’: cartoon characters, corporate logos, pop art, urban art, street signs. We also use ‘found’ technologies and methods; everything from stencil painting, traditional painting, re-worked oil paintings, sculpture, Googled images, digital photography, Adobe software and Apple Mac wizardry. So long as the ‘found’ technology, object, method or image can be transformed into something entertaining and/or meaningful, well then that’s all that matters. We are equal opportunities Dadaists – we steal from everywhere! Just as long as we connect with an audience, communicate an idea, get a reaction and make people think. That’s all that counts. (TB: WTF Maan, you forgot to tell them ‘ow good lookin’ we all is!!)

We are against Big Power and big abuses of power, whether that is in the form of politics, religion, big business or plain old cultural or gender repression. But, more about all this stuff later, once we get out Instagram and our giclee prints shit together. Meanwhile, keep your ears and eyes open for ERGO. You saw it here first.


Our philosophy

As if you didn’t know it, the human species is hurtling towards its own destruction and not many are doing anything about it. People have blindly submitted to the great corporate God. Money is the new organised religion. As a result, people have stopped thinking independently for themselves. THEREFORE it is time to reverse the trend and start thinking. It is time to challenge the tyranny of stupidity pervading the modern media. It is time for Culture Jamming, for plain-speaking, for disrupting the big-money elites. (TB: Yo man, is this for real? We really do all this shit?)

 ERGO is a catalyst; an agent for change in a world where free-thinking and individual expression are becoming paralysed by corporatism, greed and vested interest. We are all becoming tranquilised by comfort. (To quote the great John Lennon, we are being doped on religion, sex and TV).

ERGO parodies the stupidities and vulgarities of the world. We are a group of laughing free-men, challenging the moral shortcomings of the human race. We want to hold a mirror up to the lies that bombard us every day; the PR, the fake news. But at the end of a hard day at the rock face of saving the world, we still like to get home, safe and sound, for a nice cup of tea. (TB: Or maybe sometimes something a bit stronger, y’ know wha’ I mean bro?)

 We are all still young, but we have big ambitions. We are inspired by both urban and conventional artists: Banksy, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Bambi, Mr Brainwash, Marc Quinn and many others. So please, give generously support a good cause (us), buy our pictures, check us out on social mediums and just generally like us and love us to pieces… Peace and love, Jimmy, Sobieski, TB and the Boyz.